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We manage
in a responsible manner,

as we always put our values in the first place.

Budimex - changing the world

We promote ethical attitudes
in business.

A clear disapproval of any forms of dishonesty or abuse is the first step to minimise the risk in the whole value chain. This is our priority, and which is why we will strengthen our operating standards both inside the Budimex Group, and within our partnership with external stakeholders. Developing the Code of Conduct for Business Partners and strengthening the awareness of counteracting the conflict of interests are examples of the many activities on which we intend to focus in the coming years.

Concurrently, we plan to professionalise our risk management through the inclusion of the range of ESG risks to the register of risks and management processes in this area. We also plan to strengthen the Budimex Group's digital security and to improve the mechanisms of defence against cyber threats.

Bogna Kuczyńska Piech - Dyrektor ds. prawnych obszarów korporacyjnych, radca prawny Bogna Kuczyńska Piech Director of Corporate Legal Affairs, Attorney at Law

We are
an ethical company

We carry out a number of actions that strengthen our ethical culture among our employees and business partners. In exercising the utmost diligence in observing the sustainable development standards, we undertake a number of actions, such as our plan to implement the Code of Conduct for Business Partners and to carry out training courses building awareness of preventing and counteracting any conflicts of interests.

strategic goals
  • Cyclical information campaigns in the area of ethics and management of the conflict of interests
  • 2023
    Revision and extension of issues related to our Code of Ethics
  • 2023
    Developing a manual for dealing with situations involving the occurrence or possible occurrence of any conflict of interests
  • 2024
    Development of the Business Partner Code

We counteract

We do not tolerate any forms of corruption in our employees' activities in internal and external relations. We do not record any corruption events and we want to keep it that way, which means we regularly carry out training for our employees to maintain their knowledge and sensitivity in this area at a high level.

strategic goals
  • Carrying out cyclical training for our employees on counteracting corruption

We manage risks
in a conscious manner

We treat the ESG issues and risks related to them as a separate area not connected with the group's business strategy. We want to manage the business and ESG risk in an integrated manner and in this way to support sustainable development and to ensure stable and long-term growth of the Group's value.

strategic goals
  • 2023
    Integration of the ESG risks with the risk management system

We take care
of cybersecurity

Our priority is to ensure the highest cybersecurity standards, which is why we continue to improve the protection of IT systems and increase the security of sensitive data through monitoring and enhancing supervision over the processes of data processing. At the same time, we train our employees in this area and increase their awareness of threats, as well as their abilities to respond appropriately to the occurrence of such threats.

strategic goals
  • Constant improvement in the mechanisms protecting the Budimex Group's IT systems against cyber threats

Our activities

We take care of cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is particularly important for us, which is why we maintain standards compliant with the international ISO norms in the area of the information safety management, as well as carrying out cyclical training for our employees to increase their awareness of threats.

We develop our Code of Ethics

We are working on the revision and extension of issues in the area of ethics. We expand our employees' knowledge in this scope through cyclical information campaigns.

We implement the highest Polish and international standards

At Budimex, we perform an internal audit function based on international standards of professional practice, as well as the guidelines and recommendations for companies listed on the WSE.

We efficiently manage our conflicts of interests

Our purpose is to efficiently manage all conflicts of interests. We extend the rules for dealing with situations involving the occurrence or the possible occurrence of conflicts of interests. We promote our knowledge of this topic among our employees.