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We build with respect
for the natural environment

as we believe that our responsible decisions can positively shape industry standards.

Budimex - changing the world

Our ambition is to be the industry leader in the field of environmental protection.

We continue to invest in renewable energy sources and reduce our carbon footprint in order to become climate-neutral. We are gradually switching to a circular economy model to ensure circularity in the value chain.

We believe that this is not enough and that we should take it a step further. We are one of the first entities in Poland that want to measure the water footprint and its impact on biodiversity so that we can plan further actions in this area based on scientific knowledge. We translate our understanding of the complexities of our impact on the environment into a comprehensive action plan, that is a response to future challenges.

Wioletta Roguska - Kierownik ds. ESG, Biuro Zakupów, Jakości i Ochrony Środowiska Wioletta Roguska ESG Manager, Purchasing,
Quality and Environmental Protection Office

We counteract
climate change

This is related to a number of actions that we undertake to become climate-neutral, which, on the one hand, means we see the necessity of investing in renewable sources to ensure access to clean energy, and, on the other hand, forces us to undertake a number of actions aimed at reducing CO2 emissions, starting from the project design to its execution. Therefore, we plan to optimise our design processes so that they take into account the analysis of the potential reductions for a given site, as well as intent to successively increase our share of low-carbon means of transport and heavy machines in the construction process.

strategic goals
  • 2023
    Striving to obtain 100% of electric energy from the market derived from RES
  • 2026
    100% of the energy produced by the Budimex Group companies for the needs of Budimex comes from renewable energy sources
  • 2030
    Striving to reduce CO2 emissions from scope 1 and 2 by 20% (compared to the year 2020)

    (the target includes a 33% reduction of emissions from the vehicle fleet and the use of electric energy from RES)

  • 2050
    Becoming climate-neutral

We close the raw
material cycle

We plan to start the closure of the raw material cycle analysing the potentials behind implementing a circular model for the whole value chain in order to work out and implement the Circular Policy at the next stage. The operating standards resulting from it will then apply both within our group and in relations with our business partners. We also want to use raw materials from certified sources, as well as sources with a lower carbon footprint. We intend to consistently increase the percentage of recycled waste along with using recycled raw materials.

strategic goals
  • 2024
    Recycling and recovery of 70% of soil and ground
  • 2024
    Recovering at least 70% of waste, other than hazardous waste
  • 2025
    Developing the Circular Policy
  • 2026
    Conducting circular analyses for each new project

We protect

At the same time, we want to increase our engagement in the field of protecting natural resources. In order to do this in a conscious and responsible manner, it is necessary to conduct analyses of the impact on the use of water resources and biodiversity. We strive to develop comprehensive plans for the reduction of our footprint in these two dimensions. We declare that we shall undertake this ambitious task with our full commitment.

strategic goals
  • 2025
    Carrying out an assessment of the exposure of the company's operations on water stress
  • 2025
    Carrying out an analysis of the dependency of the company's operations on biodiversity and the company's impact on biodiversity
  • 2025
    Calculating the Corporate Biodiversity Footprint (CBF)
  • 2026
    Striving for Biodiversity Net Positive

Our activities

Design in a responsible manner

In our design processes, we not only comply with the legally required industrial norms and standards, but we also offer investors additional solutions to reduce the environmental impact of their investments. We apply technologies which are more advantageous from the perspective of balancing natural resources.

Moving towards a circular economy

We give a new life to worn materials by preparing them for reuse. We successively increase our percentage of recycled materials.

Preventing environmental pollution

We reduce CO2 emissions, among other things using low-carbon means of transport and shortening the supply chain. We build in a responsible manner.

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and ecosystems

We make sure that our sites do not disturb the surrounding environment, which means that before commencing each construction, we protect trees from mechanical damage. We also carry out tree and bush planting to increase the green areas of Poland. We guarantee the safety of animals, by relocating them.