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We strengthen our employees
and business partners,

as we know that only dialogue is a guarantee of sustainable development.

Budimex - changing the world

The Budimex Group
is all about people.

People working with passion and commitment, every day taking decisions with a sense of responsibility for themselves, their colleagues, as well as the local communities for which they execute the projects. As employer, we support such attitude. We make every effort to ensure a stable and comfortable working environment.

We put safety first, actively building our awareness and culture in this area, regardless of the function or position. We integrate different generations, listen to the needs of the employees and take care of their professional, psychological and emotional development. We are guided by the principles of equality, thereby creating space for decent work, free from any stereotypes. We engage in open dialogue with the beneficiaries of our sites and work diligently to earn the name of a good neighbour. People are always at the centre of our activities.

Anna Karyś-Sosińska - Dyrektor Pionu Zarządzania Zasobami Ludzkimi Anna Karyś-Sosińska HR Director

We bring generations

Our strength lies in building diversity. We appreciate both experience and innovation, which is why we form well-integrated, strong and multi-generational teams. We believe in equal access to work. We break stereotypes, particularly in the perception of the role of women in the construction industry. For years we have been increasing their share in the number of our employees, including in managerial positions. We allow them to develop within tailored leadership programmes. At the same time, we take care of equalising opportunities in the remuneration area, setting up a special fund for this purpose. Constant building of our team competences and strong leadership attitudes is just one of the pillars of the Budimex Group's activities. By developing key business areas, we support our employees and motivate them to achieve success.

strategic goals
  • 2026
    Striving to maintain the voluntary turnover rate at a level not higher than 8.5%
  • 2026
    Striving for a GPGR (Gender Pay Gap Ratio) at a level below 9%
  • 2026
    GCR (Glass Ceiling Ratio) - striving to increase the percentage of women in middle and upper management to 22% (compared to 19% in 2022)

Guarantee of safe
and decent work

Every day we are committed to ensure the safety of our employees and the participants of our projects and their beneficiaries. Our strategy in this area is based on two pillars: ‘Always Safe, Always Ready’. Its foundation are responsibility, dialogue within teams and the constant search for and implementation of new solutions, supporting the creation of a safe workplace. This idea not only stands behind our activities, we also promote it among our stakeholders and in our business environment – among subcontractors and business partners, as well during the ‘Safety Week’ held every year.

strategic goals
  • Every year, top management will make regular safety visits to construction sites, connected with meetings between the company's employees and business partners.
  • Annually
    Carrying out all training courses and programmes that promote safety culture for 100% of our employees
  • Annually
    Organization of Safety Week in the Budimex Group for at least 90% of contracts

Good neighbour that
strengthens relations

We are aware that through the projects we carry out, we significantly affect the everyday life of local communities. Our goal is to improve people's quality of life, but without being indifferent to their needs – here and now. We are open to dialogue. We regularly meet local stakeholders, listen to their expectations and make every effort to maintain good-neighbourly relations. We support local initiatives, facilitate communication around ongoing projects and engage in charitable activities, building valuable relations for many years to come. While promoting areas important for the Budimex Group – development and education – we establish contacts with universities and technical schools in different regions, proposing programmes that prepare for work in the construction industry. By sharing our experience, we believe that we enable young generations to have a better start in the world of tomorrow.

strategic goals
  • Carrying out educational programmes in technical schools and universities for 5,000 students every year
  • 2023
    Not less than 50 informational activities on all ongoing sites

Our activities

We educate about safety

For years, out of concern for future generations, we have been successfully carrying out our original programme ‘Hello ICE. Budimex for Children’. During direct meetings at educational institutions, we share our experience with young people and tell them how they can take care of safety in public traffic, as well as training them in first aid. We want to extend our offer for children and young people, increasing the scope of education in micromobility (safety on rollerblades / scooters / skateboards).

We support local communities

We are open to dialogue with the communities in which we operate, and we listen to their needs, which is why we undertake a number of activities aimed at improving the quality of their lives. One of our original projects is the ‘Parent Zone’, carried out continuously since 2012. Our volunteers in children’s wards of Polish hospitals create spaces for the little ones and their parents. Thanks to such places as the Parent Zones, young patients can stop thinking about their illness for a while, and spend some time in a pleasant way. The programme also supports parents who can constantly accompany their children in this tough time.

We strengthen diversity

We are a signatory to the Diversity Charter, which is the cornerstone of our activities. Implementing the diversity policy, we have committed ourselves to treating all our employees equally and creating for them an organisational culture based on respect for all forms of diversity. However, we are aware that building diversity may encounter obstacles in the form of limiting views, which is why we take measures aimed at increasing the awareness of differences and how to draw strength from them. One of these is the periodic Diversity Week, during which we undertake many activities, such as webinars, podcasts, competitions and training within which we activate and educate our employees in the scope of diversity.

We create an innovative environment

While conducting our activities, we use innovative solutions as due to them construction facilities may function in a more sustainable manner. At the same time, we create a sustainable working environment and support our employees’ creativity. For them, we have created the Innovation Zone – an area for reporting small and large improvements. By implementing most of them, we not only constantly improve our effectiveness, but also, what is even more important, we support our employees’ innovation competences and co-create changes in the organisation.